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Engage Conference 2020

"On the edge"

Event branding

Invitation Design

Publication Design

Web Design

The brief

Every year the Engage Leadership Conference is launched with a different theme. The theme for 2020 was “On the Edge”. I was engaged to create the branding for the event, predominantly with full creative freedom. Consideration toward how the branding was approached in previous years was important, as each year has a distinctively different style, colour scheme and visual cues to continually bring a fresh take to the conference.

The solution

In developing the branding solution for the 2020 conference year, a focus on strong typography helped to tell the story of the theme without the need for any further visuals. The 3D type moves the words off the page without the need for any animation, immediately grabbing the viewers attention. The energy, vibrancy and excitement of the event is also mirrored in the typography, providing a subtle hint at what can be expected during the upcoming conference.

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