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Seven Acre Wood Farm

Brand Design


Packaging Design

Web Design

The brief

Seven Acre Wood Farm is a recently established permaculture farm based in Lyonville, VIC. As with many small, organic farms, Seven Acre Wood does a little-bit-of-everything, from growing vegetables and berries to farming bees and chickens. The farm's owners engaged me to design a brand that could express this comprehensive list of activities, while also reflecting the organic, natural and hands-on principles of the farm. 

The solution

The final visual brand outcome utilises hand drawn illustrations that show the breadth of work at Seven Acre Wood Farm. As a homegrown (literally!) operation, it was important that the final brand would hold its integrity through budget print operations so that the owners could print labels at home for their jams and honey, and brand carry bags using a basic ink stamp. 

A circular and horizontal version of the brandmark were also developed to ensure the brand can be used in a variety of large and small scale outcomes. 

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